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Couples Counselling.

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Couples therapy is a means of resolving problems and conflicts that you have not been able to handle effectively on your own.​ In our work together you can gain a better insight of yourself and your partner and how you relate together. As a Block Clearance therapist, I am trained to interpret what you are trying to say to each other, and offer different ways of understanding the problems that you face. I will provide a neutral environment yet offering bold and honest reflections in the way you interact with each other, so guiding you to a mutual respect and understanding of each other's experience. 


We will meet in a free 30 minute zoom session so that you can outline the problems you are struggling with and then continue weekly, either face to face or online at an agreed time. I will also see each person for an individual session, which is confidential to allows each of you a chance to tell your uninterrupted story.


Areas we could cover would be 

  • Affairs/infidelity

  • Communication problems

  • Conflict

  • Financial concerns

  • Infertility/struggling to conceive

  • Relationship trauma

  • Sexual difficulties

  • Dealing young children/teens/adult children

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