Block Clearance Therapy.

What is Block Clearance Therapy?

Block Clearance Therapy (BCT), is a unique process  that works with you & your subconscious mind  to get  to  the root of any issue or 'block'  that is holding you back. 
Through an understanding of how our subconscious minds work, and why certain patterns or belief systems are created, we can gently and safely release  these unhelpful patterns.
Whatever area you would like support with,  the process  that we follow is consistent identifying  the “root cause” of the pattern or issue  that you are experiencing.

By understanding how and why it was created we can enable your subconscious  to release it and replace it with new patterns that allow you  to move forward positively.


This can be a challenging yet extremely rewarding process.

What is  the Subconscious Mind?

Our conscious mind enables us to reason, make choices, decide if we want  to do something or not.
 It also controls our instinctive reactions, our core behaviours, patterns, perceptions – and ultimately – our happiness.  It sets up  these patterns and perceptions early on in life, based on our responses and reactions to our experiences.
So much of what we do, think and react  to every day is governed by our subconscious mind.  Once it has set up a pattern, it will fight very hard  to repeat  that pattern. We are all different, unique.  We all have different patterns, perceptions and responses. When our conscious and subconscious minds work  together– we feel strong, powerful, able  to achieve.
When our conscious and subconscious minds go into battle – it can be really rough, leaving us feeling exhausted, powerless, drained, frustrated, angry, unhappy, fearful, desolate, despairing. When  that battle commences life can be very challenging.  This is because our subconscious mind is  the more powerful!  It doesn’t want  to change unless it knows it can do it safely!
Block Clearance Therapy focuses on understanding what your subconscious patterns and perceptions are, where and how they were created and why your subconscious has gone into battle with your conscious mind. Ultimately,  the goal is to resolve  this battle and  to bring  the  two back  together in a safe way  that your subconscious will accept.

What can it do for me?

Common issues or blocks

Issues  that clients often wish  to address include:

·         Bereavement and Loss
·         Stress and Anxiety
·         Anger or Fear
·         Depression
·         Relationship issues
·         Family issues
·         Abuse
·         Drugs or alcohol addiction
·         Feelings of powerlessness
·         Fear of failure
·         Fear of rejection/abandonment
·         Fear of judgement
·         Lack of  trust
·         Lack of self-worth or self-value

Even if you don’t see your particular challenge on  this list, it is very likely I have dealt with it previously.

What happens during the session?

Sessions  typically last around 75 minutes.  We start by discussing  the  types of issues you wish  to address. Some clients come with very specific areas  they want  to look at.  Others come not really knowing why they are  there, but when we start  to  talk,  the right  things will always find a way  to come out.
Based on our initial conversation, we can  then formulate a question  to ask your subconscious,  to allow us  to understand a specific issue or “block”  that is affecting your life or holding you back.
We access your subconscious  through a visualisation process.   This process enables us  to understand what situation created  the issue or block, and why, until now, your subconscious believes it is important  to hold onto your current belief system.
Everyone visualises differently –  there is no right or wrong way.  Some people see  things in  their mind, some people hear  things, others just feel  things.   The most important  thing  to remember is you can’t get it wrong – even if you  think you are just making  things up – your subconscious knows what  these “things” mean, even if you don’t.
You will be fully aware of everything during  the visualisation process.
Once  the visualisation is complete, we use positive affirmations  to reinforce  to  the subconscious  that  this block has been cleared.