Why would you need counselling?

Some reasons  to seek out counselling could be:​

  • Because you’ve come  to a crossroads in your life, and you want  to clarify what changes you’d like  to make

  •  Because you have reached a crisis point, and need someone  to help you deal with things  that seem impossible  to deal with alone.

  • Something may be blocking you, or holding you back, and it may feel impossible  to change, and may be preventing you from really living life  to your full potential

  • You may have experienced a loss, and need support whilst coming  to  terms with it

  • You may be suffering from physical complaints  that need your attention, and which may be connected  to deeper issues​

... or you may just be feeling stressed, confused, or anxious. You may just want  time  to discover parts of yourself  that have not yet had  the chance  to be expressed
“You may just need someone  to listen?”

About me and my work.

Hi, I'm Deb, I  trained and qualified at Diploma level at Stroud College in Integrative
Counselling in 2006 and I was a volunteer counsellor for 18 months at  the Listening Post in Stroud and Gloucester. I adhere  to a strict code of ethics and have professional Liability insurance.

My service gives you  the highest priority and confidentiality and my work is supervised  to make sure I continue  to offer a safe and professional service.


I work long and short  term with my clients in many areas such as addictions, abuse, relationship issues, depression and anxiety, bereavement and loss. I am also a specialised Sexual Violence Counsellor and have previously worked for SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) and GRASAC (Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre). If counselling  turns out not  to be appropriate for you, I may be able  to suggest other forms of help.

How my counselling sessions work...

My sessions are face  to face in Marbella or online using Skype or Zoom. These applications are free and easy  to set up by downloading  the apps on your computer or phone.  They are secure and cannot be intercepted. I ask  that you find a quiet, uninterrupted space with a strong, stable internet connection. Before each session I will send you a link and  the password  to enter  the room at an agreed  time. 

If you find  technology daunting,  then please do not worry as I can  talk you through downloading  the applications or if all else fails we can use WhatsApp video or  the old fashioned  telephone.